Get help using Envizi’s PowerReport feature set built on embedded MS PowerBI.

Base Platform

Standard Content

  • Sustainability (Executive Report) – an elegant summary report that enables an organization to share key sustainability insights to non-technical, and less regular users of Envizi.

  • Sustainability (Portfolio Performance) – focuses on the built environment, this PowerReport enables managers of property portfolios to access a snapshot of the performance of key sustainability metrics from building to portfolio level.

  • Account Data Health Check - A report to analyze the data health of your accounts and supplier data in Envizi and identify where action needs to be taken.

Sustainability Data Management Module

Configurable Content (speak to Envizi to learn more about how these reports can be configured)

  • Market-based Emissions – This report summarizes emissions from Scope 2 market-based and location-based electricity as well as an accounting of all types of energy attributes including national renewable energy quotas, green power, RECs, and other renewable energy instruments. A financial analysis is provided to estimate the cost of achieving net zero emissions for electricity across your organization. Finally a detailed view of certificate apportionment and underlying emission factors is included which is useful for auditors.

  • CDP - Climate - 2023 - This report is available through the ESG Frameworks Reporting module. This report brings together all the data required to answer the complex environmental quantitative questions in the CDP Questionnaire.

Utility Expense Management Module

Standard Content

  • Utility Expense Insights – this PowerReport provides a summary of an organization’s utility expenses including electricity, gas, water and waste. This report enables facilities managers to benchmark their facilities and quickly focus on where buildings and assets are utilities and assist in decision making.