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PowerReport Standard Content

Standard Content includes a range of pre-built PowerReport dashboards and Datasets to complement Envizi’s broad range of modules. Standard PowerReports are pre-populated with data and become available shortly after the relevant modules are assigned to your organization.

Datasets are template reports populated with data but without content. They act as a great starting point for building your own report.

PowerReport Standard Reports:

Base Platform

  • Sustainability (Executive Report) – an elegant summary report that enables an organization to share key sustainability insights with non-technical and less frequent users of Envizi.

  • Sustainability (Portfolio Performance) – focusing on the built environment, this PowerReport enables managers of property portfolios to access a snapshot of the performance of key sustainability metrics from building to portfolio level.

  • Account Data Health Check – A report to analyze the data health of your accounts and supplier data in Envizi and identify where action needs to be taken.

Configurable Content (speak to Envizi to learn more about how these reports can be configured)

  • Market-based Emissions – This report summarizes emissions from Scope 2 market-based and location-based electricity and accounts for all types of energy attributes, including national renewable energy quotas, green power, RECs, and other renewable energy instruments. A financial analysis is provided to estimate the cost of achieving net zero emissions for electricity across your organization. Finally, a detailed view of certificate apportionment and underlying emission factors is included, which is useful for auditors.

  • CDP Climate Report – Envizi has created this report to enable the streamlining of reporting to CDP that addresses the quantitative questions around emissions and energy.

  • Scope 3 Emissions Analysis – This report will allow your organization to view total Scope 3 Emissions across all 15 Scope 3 Categories and will provide insight into the Calculation Accuracy of each of the methods used in your data.

  • CRREM Modeling Tool – This report allows you to report and track buildings' intensity performance against CRREM Net Zero intensity pathways. This report supports the capabilities of being able to report and compare between pre-defined Ratios (actual intensity performance) and Intensity Targets. Refer to this knowledge base article on the necessary configuration steps required and this article on how to effectively use the report.

Utility Expense Management Module

  • Utility Expense Insights – This PowerReport summarizes your organization’s utility expenses, including electricity, gas, water and waste. It enables facility managers to benchmark their facilities, quickly focus on where buildings and assets are, and assists in decision-making.

Program Reporting Measurement + Verification

  • Programs Overview – This PowerReport provides an overview of your Programs' expected emissions, energy and cost savings. Programs can be viewed over time to understand when savings can be realized. Finally, the Action Ranking tab will help you understand and select the Programs that will achieve the highest ROI in emissions, energy and cost savings.

  • Scenario Modeler Tool – The Scenario Modeler Tool allows you to take the power of your data a step further to create a prediction of future performance. Project your emission, energy and other metrics into the future to track your impact trajectory. See how your projected performance is affected by future Programs, Action Plans and Actions.

PowerReport Standard Datasets:

PowerReports can be viewed, edited and saved, and kept private or shared with other Envizi users within your organization.  This gives users the freedom to navigate and respond to the changing reporting requirements of your organization.

For customers who want to build their own reports, PowerReports can be built using Standard Datasets, available with their relevant modules:

Base Platform

  • Monthly Dataset – A comprehensive dataset containing consolidated monthly data, which includes support for data type groups, ratios, and a range of standard data objects.

Value Chain Surveys and Assessments

  • Survey Dataset – A dataset containing survey responses and scoring for scorecard-type surveys.

Interval Meter Analytics (Coming Soon…)

  • Daily Dataset – A dataset that includes a range of daily metrics derived from interval meter data. This dataset will be supported via the Interval Meter Analytics module.

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