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Monthly Dataset - Tutorials

The Data Mart is no longer supported and has been replaced by the Monthly Dataset. Where there is reference below to the Data Mart, please refer to the Monthly Dataset when searching for a report in Envizi.

How To

The how to tutorials will cover how to perform common tasks when using the Monthly Dataset PowerReport.

How To Run a PowerReport

How to Edit a PowerReport

How to Save and Share a PowerReport

Understanding Your Monthly Dataset

Here are some examples to leverage the Data Mart data set to create PowerBI vizualizations, in Envizi’s PowerReport. You will learn about reporting across the location groups, trends in absolute data, using geographical maps and visualizing data accuracy. All of these examples assume you have saved a copy of the Monthly Dataset into your own report ready for editing.

Organization, Groups and Locations

Absolute Values

Data Accuracy

Geographical Maps

Intensity / Ratio Measures

Data Type Groups & Secondary Measures

If creating Data Type Groups with secondary measures, you will need to configure at least one data type group with a standard unit of measure (GJ, kWh, $ etc.), as this will allow the secondary measure groups to be populated in the Monthly Dataset.

Further Resources

For more detail

  1. DataMart Glossary - specific data fields and their derivation

  2. Microsoft Power BI Guided Learning – Specifically sub sections ‘Analyze data with Power BI’ and ‘Use Visuals in Power BI’

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