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Solar Monitoring Overview

The Solar Monitoring module is part of Envizi's Asset Optimization solution.

The main purpose of the Solar Monitoring module is:

  • to provide a comparison for users of grid electricity consumption vs solar consumption at a portfolio and location level;

  • to see the financial impact of solar consumption;

  • to compare solar generation against an expected profile and;

  • to identify errors and faults.

To deliver this functionality, the Solar Monitoring module contains 2 dashboards and a report.

The first dashboard is called Solar Portfolio and gives you an organization wide view of all solar installations, including grid consumption, solar generation, consumption, export, comparisons against expected profile and value.

The second dashboard is called Solar Installation and contains information about an individual location (site) such as total capacity, energy yield, solar generation, consumption and export along with associated value. This dashboard also lists all solar meters and accounts configured at the location.

The Solar Performance and Payback Report demonstrates the performance of each solar installation over its lifetime and track payback. The report is an excel report template and contains 5 tabs that show performance and payback as well a tab that performs error checking on the all solar data.


There are various configuration steps that you need to follow in order for your solar data to be available in dashboards and reports.

Best Practice for Error Checking

If you would like to check your configuration or investigate any data issues, look at the Solar Error Checking page for guidance.

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