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Solar Monitoring Configuration

To identify a meter as a solar meter (or inverter), you must edit the Solar Meter settings.

Edit Meter Settings

Navigate to the Meter Settings page from the meters grid by right-click

or from the Meter Summary page under the Actions menu.

Select Solar Meter from the Select Meter Type dropdown.

Select the appropriate Solar Meter Type from the dropdown.

Best Practice for Error Checking

If you would like to check your configuration or investigate any data issues, look at the Solar Error Checking page for guidance.


For monthly meter data to appear in the solar dashboards and the Solar Performance and Payback report, all meters must be tagged with a solar tag. There are 4 tags available: 

  • Grid Consumed

  • Solar Generated

  • Solar Consumed

  • Solar Exported

Location Settings

Most information specified for a solar installation is configured at the location level, such as feed in tariff rates, grid electricity rates, inverter manufacturers, etc.

Solar settings

Navigate to the Solar Settings page through the right-click menu in a locations grid

or from the Location Summary page Actions menu.

Fill in the fields as appropriate.

Note that rate values will be used in dashboards and the Solar Performance and Payback report only if monthly rate data has not been loaded.

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