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Solar Portfolio Dashboard

You can find the Solar Portfolio dashboard in the main Monitor menu under the Solar section.


Summary box

  • Summary box for Solar Generated is based on Solar Generated [kWh].

    • NOTE: This summary box is based on actual data only, and does not include calculated data as the chart summary labels do above the stacked bar chart.

  • Summary box total Savings - this is the product of total Solar Consumed x rates for grid electricity. If rates are not found then location attribute for grid electricity rate is used instead.

  • Summary box total Revenue - this is the product of total Solar Exported x rates for feed-in tariff. If rates are not found then location attribute for feed-in tariff is used instead.


  • Summary labels and chart is based on monthly statistics data from 3 data types:

    • Electricity [kWh] data type

    • Solar Consumed [kWh] data type

    • Solar Exported [kWh] data type

  • NOTE: Total solar generation may not add up to the sum of solar consumed and solar export. These values are taken from individual data types as well as the result of estimation logic used at a location.


Note that any locations marked with an * contain some data that is the result of estimation logic. For exmaple, if solar generation and solar export data exists, then Envizi will calculate the solar export.

  • Location - name of location and a link to the Solar Meters dashboard

  • Capacity (kW) - location attribute for total installed capacity at the location (not the size of each inverter)

  • Grid Consumed (kWh) or (MWh) - total monthly amount for grid consumption for all meters tagged with 'Grid Consumed'

  • Solar Generated (kWh) or (MWh) - total monthly amount for solar generation under data type Solar Generated [kWh] data type

  • Expected Generation (kWh) - total target amount for target type = Solar Expected Profile (kWh)

  • Performance % - calculation of Solar Generated (kWh) / Expected Generation (kWh).

  • Solar Consumption (kWh) or (MWh) - total monthly amount for solar consumption under data type Solar Consumed [kWh] data type

  • Solar Export (kWh) or (MWh) - total monthly amount for solar export under data type Solar Exported [kWh] data type

  • Energy Yield (kWh/kWp) - total monthly amounts for solar generation divided by Capacity (kW)

  • Solar Savings (<currency code>) - product of total Solar Consumed x location attribute for Grid Electricity, or monthly rates

  • Solar Revenue (<currency code>) - product of total Solar Export x location attribute for Feed-in Tariff, or monthly rates

  • Rates - link to update rates for grid consumption, solar consumption, feed-in tariff and expected generation profile.

  • Green Consumed (%) - total monthly Solar Consumed divided by sum of (Grid Consumed and Solar Consumed)

  • No. of Inverters - location attribute for the number of inverters at each location

  • Inverter Manufacturer - location attribute for the inverter manufacture.

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