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Monthly Dataset - Data Export AddOn

The Data Export AddOn allows you to export the source tables (csv files) that make up the Monthly Dataset to an S3 or SFTP location hosted by Envizi. These files can then be copied and used to rebuild the data model in your own BI application for data analysis outside of Envizi.

To rebuild the data model from the Monthly Dataset source tables (csv files) requires specialist IT and data analysis skills. We strongly recommend using the Monthly Dataset PowerReport in Envizi and only using the Data Export AddOn where your organization has the requisite skills to work with the exported files.

Configuring the Data Export Services and Pipeline

To use this feature, you must purchase the Data Export AddOn. Certain features described below will only be available once the Data Export product has been added to your Envizi instance.

The data export is configured via the Data Flow Automation module. To configure the export:

  1. Configure a Data Export Data Service as described here (S3) or here (SFTP)

  2. Configure a Data Export Data Pipeline as described here.

Initialising the Data Export

When manually refreshing a Data Export Data Pipeline, you may receive an error message that the Data Mart is not enabled for your Envizi instance. In this case, please reach out to your IBM Envizi support team to have the Data Mart enabled.

Once you have configured a Data Export Data Pipeline, you can initialise the data feed by using the Manual Refresh action as described here. Alternatively, you can wait for the scheduled daily refresh as described below.

If there are errors with the Data Export, these will be reported on the Data Export Status page. Note it can take several minutes for the log entry to appear on this page after a manual refresh has been triggered.

Scheduled export job

Once you have configured a Data Export Data Pipeline, a scheduled export job will run as part of the daily Monthly Dataset refresh. Generally, this happens overnight in the region your Envizi instance is hosted.

Rebuilding the Monthly Dataset

Once you have purchased the Data Export AddOn, the IBM Envizi provisioning team will provide you with a document describing the tables and relationships in the Monthly Dataset. You can use this information to rebuild the data model in your own BI application.

Note that the Monthly Dataset PowerReport in Envizi also contains several dynamic measures which change depending on the data selected in the report (e.g., “Previous Year” values). Instructions to recreate these measures are not provided since this varies depending on the BI application being used.

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