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Provisioning Amazon S3 Cloud Storage service (owned by Envizi)

Provision S3 bucket folder

  1. Go to Data Services page from the menu AdminData Flow Automation. This will display the Data Services grid on the page.

  2. Select Add New Service to open the Add New Service screen.

  3. Select Amazon S3 (Cloud Storage) from the Type field

  4. Select Envizi from Owner field

  5. Enter name of the data service on Name field

  6. Select any existing Data Pipelines to link the Data Service to.

  7. Save the screen by choosing Save button

  8. On the Data Services page, the new data service is listed.

Manage S3 connection details

  1. On the Data Services page, select an Amazon S3 Cloud Storage data service

  2. Right-click and choose Manage Connections from action menu. This will open Manage Connections screen.

  3. On the Manage Connections screen, the grid shows the following columns:

    1. Service Name - the name of the data service

    2. Bucket - the S3 bucket provisioned and managed by Envizi

    3. Folder - the folder created under the S3 bucket

    4. Username - the user that has exclusive access to the folder created under the S3 bucket

    5. Access Key - access key for the user

    6. Secret Access Key - secret for the access key

    7. Updated By - name of the user that updated the connection details

    8. Updated On - date and time when the connection details is last updated

Creating/resetting an access key

Be very careful when selecting this action as it will immediately reset an access key/secret access key pair meaning any persons or systems using the service will not be able to load data until they have updated their credentials.

A secret access key must be recorded when it is generated using the steps below. For security reasons, once the screen below is closed the secret access key cannot be retrieved again. If the secret access key is lost, the relevant access key cannot be used and a new key pair must be created.

  1. On the Manage Connections page, select the connection where the access key will be created/reset

  2. Right-click and choose Create/Reset Access Key from action menu. This will immediately reset the access key and secret access key and open the Create/Reset Access Key screen.

  3. On the Create/Reset Access Key screen, a newly generated access key and secret access key will be visible

  4. The secret access key must be recorded at this step. If you close the form without recording the secret access key you will not be able to retrieve it later and will need to start the process again to generate a new key pair.

  5. Once the secret access key has been recorded, close the form.

  6. The newly generated access key will be visible on the Manage Connections page

Removing an access key
  1. On the Connection Details page, select a connection where access key will be removed

  2. Right-click and choose Remove Access Key from the action menu.

  3. A confirmation message will appear, confirming if the user wants to continue disabling the access key.

  4. The access key and secret keys will be cleared on the Manage Connection page.

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