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Data Flow Automation

Data Flow Automation is IBM Envizi’s new solution to simplify and streamline the process of provisioning data services and loading account and meter data into Envizi.

Data Flow Automation allows system administrators to:

  1. configure your organization’s specific data services for file loading, transformation, data export and integration.

  2. configure your organization’s specific data processing pipelines, including optional integration with IBM App Connect for data transformation

  3. monitor the status and logs related to file delivery, processing, transformation and loading

  4. download copies of original and transformed files

Data Flow Automation will become the standard way for you to load account and meter data files into the platform. If you are existing client of Envizi as at 31 August 2023, you can continue to use your current methods of sending files to Envizi until you have migrated to the new service. To be migrated to this new service and to see the necessary menu options, please reach out to your client success manager or to support.


Key benefits

Key benefits delivered by the Data Flow Automation service are:

  • Client specific S3 and SFTP storage, and dedicated email addresses - every client is provisioned with dedicated data services which simplifies data source verification and reduces security risks.

  • Fully automated service provisioning - data services can be provisioned immediately from the user interface of the platform significantly reducing your set up time.

  • Integration with IBM App Connect for data transformation - through our partnership with IBM Integration Services, you have the option of transforming your files into one of our standard connector formats through a fully managed service.

  • Improved file monitoring and access to logs - you and the Envizi support team will be able to access detailed status and error logs, and download files sent via any data service, directly from the user interface of the platform.

For further information on the Data Flow Automation service, please refer to the following:

Provisioning Data Services

Managing Data Pipelines

Data Pipeline Monitoring, File Downloading and Logging

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