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Performance by Data Type

The Performance by Data Type dashboard is a flexible way for you to track performance of your organization, group or location based on ranking and proportioning your data into data type views over a selected period of time.

 The dashboard can be found in the Monitor menu for Organization level users.

and in the Track sub-menu at Organization, Group and Location.

Activity by Data Type

This chart ranks your data aggregated by Data Types using the unit of measure selected. Only data types relevant to the unit of measure selected in the View As dashboard option are included e.g. if Energy(GJ) is selected then water data types would not be included. 

By default the top 10 bars are displayed and you can increase that and change the sort by by using the Settings icon option on the top right of the chart.

The data type names always include the primary measure (native reporting unit) of that data type e.g. Diesel Stationary L. Then next to the data type name is shown the unit of measure you have selected to view in the dashboard i.e you are converting L (litres) to GJ for the purpose of being able to aggregate and rank data types of different primary measures using a common measure.

Activity by Period

This chart aggregated your data by data type by month for the period you have selected. Each color in the stacked bars represents a data type.

A maximum of 10 data types are shown. If there are more than 10 data types then 9 are shown and the remaining are aggregated into Other. 

To see the values per data type per month for the comparison you selected you can select the Grid view option on the top right of the chart.

Activity by Category

This chart shows you the portion of your aggregated data by Category.

A maximum of 10 portions are shown in pie charts. If there are more than 10 portions then 9 are shown and the remaining are aggregated into Other. 

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