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GRESB Location Settings

This page will provide an overview of the settings that are available for locations. There are 2 methods of capturing data for location settings: location level forms or group level Grid Capture.

Location-level forms

When working at a location level (eg the GRESB Asset Summary dashboard), you will occasionally need to check a setting or make a small update. Location-level forms are useful in these instances. To access the forms go to the ‘GRESB’ menu and select ‘GRESB Location Settings’.

In this page you will see 7 forms with the GRESB Floor Area Coverage form open by default.

Grid Capture

Grid Capture is a feature introduced lately for GRESB reporting and allows users to capture location settings much quicker. Some spreadsheet functionality is available like cut & paste using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+v, multi-select, delete, and others. For more information on this functionality see here.

Forms overview

Form name


GRESB Floor Area Coverage

This grid allows you to enter specific floor area coverages by building space. Note that this is only required when coverage is not 100%.

GRESG Location Settings

This page has 2 groups of settings.

  1. Default reporting settings can be configured to instruct Envizi on how to report activity data when accounts or meters aren’t tagged with building spaces. Note that there is an exception where accounts or meters tagged with renewable energy or water reuse / recycled will also report under the building space defined under GRESB Location Setting. For more information on this exception and tags in general read tags and location settings.

  2. Waste disposal routes. 6 fields are available to capture the percentage disposal route by asset.

Asset Characteristics

All location settings for Asset Characteristics are found here. See GRESB Sections for more information.

Building Certifications

All location settings for Building Certifications are found here. Note that if your organization uses Location Ratings, this form is not used for your reporting. See GRESB Sections for more information.

Efficiency Measures

All location settings for Efficiency Measures are found here. See GRESB Sections for more information.

Reporting Characteristics

All location settings for Reporting Characteristics are found here. Also note that max floor areas for Energy and Water are captured here. See GRESB Sections for more information.

Additional GRESB Information

This form is a collection of questions from GRESB where input from users that operate at the asset level might help inform the final submission. This form is optional.

To extract responses provided at the asset level run the report: Extract for Survey Responses and Attributes and add fill in the following criteria:

Filter by #1: Locations

Filter by #1: GRESB Sections

Filter by #3: Additional GRESB Information

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