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GRESB - Introduction

IBM Envizi is GRESB’s premium data partner and has a dedicated API connection to GRESB’s web portal for GRESB’s annual Real Estate Assessment (Performance Component) submissions.

Envizi’s GRESB module provides the following benefits:

  1. Streamline GRESB reporting process by automatically generating GRESB Real Estate Assessment responses from data within the Envizi platform. This covers the majority of asset level questions in the GRESB Asset Level Spreadsheet, provided the relevant data is captured in Envizi.

  2. API connectivity with GRESB’s web portal for direct and instantaneous transfer of responses to GRESB, without the need to use GRESB’s Asset Level Spreadsheet. The data transfer can be done and repeated any number of times during the 3 month GRESB reporting window every year.

  3. Flexibility and tools such as bulk data capture grids, location level instruction settings and account tagging, are provided to assist with reviewing, categorizing, managing and updating GRESB responses, before sending them to GRESB via APIs.

For more information on how to authorize and enable Envizi to send responses to GRESB via API, or to kick start with the module, please check out the GRESB - Getting Started article.

Learn more about GRESB

What is GRESB, how it is structured and frequently asked questions about GRESB available in our blog article: What is GRESB?

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