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Validate your data with GRESB

This page will explain how to validate your data with GRESB using the API.


The first time you review your asset data you will likely need to make some changes before submitting to GRESB. Through a combination of tags and GridCapture settings you can configure your data to report to GRESB using the correct building space categorization.

To make sure your values will be accepted by GRESB, use the ‘Validate’ function in the GRESB Asset Summary page.

  1. In the Asset Summary Page, multi-select the rows you would like to validate.

  2. Click Validate.

  3. The screen will refresh but the validation may take longer to return so you may need to refresh the screen.

  4. The status column will show you the status of the API request and once the request is complete any issues with your data will show up in the Validation column.


Note that the Validation request often returns more than just the columns requested.

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