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Utility Bill Checking and Validation Overview

Envizi's Utility Bill Checking and Validation module applies a systematic, best practice approach to checking and validating bills, so you can easily identify and resolve billing errors. The module sits within Envizi's Utility Expense Management solution.


There are two related but distinctly different ways for you to confirm the accuracy of billing information. Bill checking is a low-cost method of checking billing accuracy. It applies some basic checks to the data to identify significant outliers or anomalies. It does not require a deep knowledge of tariff structures or billing practices so is perfect for use by end clients. More information can be found in these links:

Bill Checking: Missing and Overlapping

Bill Checking: Variance and Meter Comparison

In contrast, tariff-based validation is a much more sophisticated way to confirm billing accuracy. Based on the tariff rates entered by you, Envizi generates a virtual bill that is compared to the actual bill and variances are flagged. Configuring tariffs and running this process requires significant domain knowledge in energy market tariffs so the bill validation service is best provided by an Envizi partner who has the required domain expertise to use this product. An Envizi partner also has efficiencies in leveraging and sharing the tariff library across clients. More information can be found in these links:

Writing Tariffs

Assigning Tariffs to Accounts or Meters

Setting Attributes on Accounts or Meters

Validating and Managing Exceptions

Finally, either process can be used as a precursor to then produce an extract of the bills for payment. Details of Envizi's standard Accounts Payable File can be found here.

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