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Assigning Tariffs to Accounts or Meters

Once the tariffs are written, they must be assigned to the relevant accounts or meters in order to run the validation.

Assigning to accounts - for tariff-based validation using account data

In the case of accounts, the tariff(s) are assigned directly to the account, as shown below.

For a small number of instances, tariffs can be assigned manually within the UI as shown above. For large-scale changes, this is not efficient so the Setup Accounts template would be used instead.

Assigning to meters - for tariff-based validation using meter data

Tariffs are assigned to service points rather than directly to the meters. This makes it easy to apply the same tariff to multiple meters at the same site. If the meters at one site are on different tariffs then a service point should be created for each tariff required. 

When assigning the tariff(s) to a meter, a further configuration element must be executed. An explicit link is required between the meter and the billing account in order to complete the validation. Without this link, it is not possible for Envizi to know which meters to validate against which accounts. The link between meter and account is made via the 'Linked Meter' field for the accounts as seen below. The list is populated with all meters at the location that the account is stored against.

For a small number of instances, this work can be done manually within the UI as shown above. For large-scale changes, this is not efficient. The Setup Meters template would be used to assign tariffs to service points and the Setup Accounts template used to link meters to accounts.

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