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Tagged Data in Monthly Dataset

A new feature has been released which allows tagged account and meter data to be included in the Monthly Dataset.

You can either enable ALL generic tag types (such as ‘Use of Building’ and ‘GRESB’) to be included in the Monthly Dataset, or selectively enable any of the custom tag types if they are being used for your organization. Once enabled, additional tagged data will be included in the Monthly Dataset, in addition to the existing data which by default uses the “Consolidation” tag type.

Inclusion of additional tagged account and meter data will also increase the aggregated reporting values in the Monthly Dataset, therefore to avoid over reporting, it is crucial that you review and revise any PowerReports that have previously been saved. For example, by filtering on Tag Type = “Consolidation” in the PowerReports.

For more details on how to enable the feature, please refer to the Reporting and Dashboard Preferences and Setting Up Custom Tag Types page.

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