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Submit data to GRESB at the location level

At any point in time you can send data to GRESB. Best practice is to send validation requests to understand how GRESB will read your data and configure tags and GridCapture settings in Envizi before sending to GRESB.


Once your asset has a valid GRESB Asset ID and you have confirmed your asset is reporting against the correct entity you are ready to send data to GRESB.

  1. Select the rows of data you wish to send to GRESB.

  2. Right-click on the rows and click ‘Submit’.

  3. The API request usually takes 10-20 seconds. If the screen refreshes and the Status column shows that the request has not yet completed, refresh your browser.

  4. If your request was successful you will see your data in the ‘Current - GRESB’ and ‘Previous - GRESB’ columns.

  5. If your request was not accepted for some reason (usually due to bad Asset ID or Asset has not been found in the group on GRESB) you will see the error message in the ‘Validation’ column.


Note that the ‘Submit’ request bypasses validation so please review your data carefully before submitting. If a mistake is made or you wish to clear some data from GRESB you can resubmit after you have corrected your mistake in Envizi or you can select rows, right-click and select ‘Clear GRESB data’.

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