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Scope 3 Emissions Analysis - Emissions Dashboard

This page provides a snapshot of your total emissions across all scopes, and broken down by Scope 3 Category.

The left-hand panel is divided into three main sections to help you easily navigate and understand your emissions data.

Emissions Overview: In this section, you can get a comprehensive overview of your total emissions contribution. It breaks down the emissions by scope, showing the percentage of total emissions for each scope. Please note that the scope 3 emissions total includes the category 3 lifecycle emissions derived from scope 1 and scope 2 data.

Scope 3 Year-over-Year Performance: This section provides valuable insights into your current and previous total scope 3 emissions, including lifecycle emissions. Additionally, it presents a variance calculation to help you assess changes in emissions over time.

Emission Source: Here, you can explore the breakdown of your scope 3 emissions into three categories: upstream, downstream, and uncategorized. If there are any emissions that have not been categorized yet, you can conveniently view them by clicking on the provided link.

Scope 3 Category Performance: The center panel focuses on your scope 3 emissions broken by Scope 3 Category. Using the buttons located at the top right of this panel, you can choose to view the emissions as a total or as a percentage of the overall emissions. By selecting any of the categories displayed in the graph, you can navigate to the Category Analysis details page for that category using the button located at the bottom of the panel.

Top Contributors: The right-hand panel offers a summary of the top contributors to your emissions. It breaks down the contributors by stream or uncategorized emissions. To access the Contributor Dashboard and gain more in-depth insights, simply click on the View Contributor Dashboard button located at the bottom of the panel.

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