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Scope 3 Emissions Analysis - Contributor Analysis

The Contributor Analysis provides you with a deep dive into the emissions and calculation methods used to collect the data for a specific contributor.

Contributor Emissions Summary: The left-hand panel presents a comprehensive summary of emissions specifically attributed to the selected contributor. It provides key information such as the total emissions contributed by the contributor and the corresponding percentage of the overall emissions. Additionally, it offers insights into year-on-year emissions and the resulting variance, allowing you to understand the contributor's emission trends.

Emission Categories: At the bottom of the left-hand panel, you will find the available emissions categories associated with the selected contributor. This categorization helps you explore and analyze emissions data within specific categories related to the contributor's activities.

Historical Calculation Methods and Emissions Overview: The top right panel offers a historical view of the calculation methods used to store data for the selected contributor. It also displays the current and previous emissions values, along with the respective variances. This information helps you understand the evolution of emissions data and assess the accuracy and consistency of calculation methods used over time.

Contributor Account Breakdown: In the bottom right panel, you can view the breakdown of current and previous year emissions by the accounts created under the selected contributor. This breakdown provides a detailed analysis of emissions attributed to specific accounts associated with the contributor. Understanding the emissions distribution across accounts can help identify areas of focus for emissions reduction or improvement.

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