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Review Account Styles


Account Style is an important element in the Envizi platform. Together with their associated Data Types, Account Styles determine supported data capture fields, reporting units, and emission or energy reporting output of your data. You can review Account Styles that are available to your organization, together with their captions, Scopes and their associated Data Type details from the Account Styles page.


Access the page via Manage > Account Styles

This page is restricted to System Administrator users only

Account Style table fields



Account Style Caption

Account Style name that is being used and displayed in most reports and dashboards.

Number of Accounts

No. of accounts that belong to this Account Style.


Scope of the account. This is an attribute of account style’s parent Data Type.

Data Type

Parent reporting entity of the Account Style. Each account style belongs to a Data Type. Data Type in Envizi usually follows the format of Name [unit], e.g., Electricity [kWh].

Data Type Caption

Optional. Alternative names of the Data Types that are used in reports and dashboards for your organization. Only applicable when the Data Type Alias feature is enabled for your organization.

Data Type Category

Parent reporting entity of Data Type - usually a collection of Data Types with different reporting units but belong to the same broader reporting class, such as ‘Electricity’.

AI Assist - Mapped Classification

Optional. Where applicable, it shows system mapped USEEIO 66 Commodity Class for the account style. Only applicable when AI Assist is used for scope 3 spend-data accont style allocations.

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