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Responding to Data Capture Issues

General Users or Portfolio Managers who are also the assignee can transition a Data Capture Issue between these states:

  • To Do / Raised

  • In Progress / Investigating

  • Submitted

  • On Hold

Only users with the Issue Manager work role can move a Data Capture Issue to/from the following states:

  • Done / Resolved

  • Cancelled

Assignees will receive a single notification email which consolidates all Data Capture Issues generated by the request that are assigned to them. Assignees can click the links in the email to navigate to the Issues Board or Issue Detail pages directly. Alternatively, users can log into the platform and respond to requests using the standard Issue Tracking tools.

The Issue Board supports Kanban style issue management workflows. Issue cards can be selected on the left and dragged between swimlanes to change status, while the frame on the right displays the details of the issue.

The Data Capture Issue Details page provides all necessary details of the data capture request. The Issue Details page can be viewed standalone, or as a frame within the Issue Boards.

The blue panel on the right of the issue shows the Data Capture Period requested, and the percentage of days within this period covered by an account record. This provides a quick indication to users whether they have completed the issue as requested.

Account data can be captured using the Capture Data button which opens the Capture Data form for the account. Once saved the new record will appear in the records grid. Account records can be easily edited and deleted via the Records grid. These actions are captured in the Activity List at the bottom of the issue for audit purposes.

Once the user has captured data as per the request, the Issue can be moved to the Submitted state.

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