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Bulk Creation and Scheduling of Data Capture Issues

Envizi provides Data Capture Issues as a way to request manual data capture for accounts. By using Data Capture Issues, you get the benefits of Envizi’s Issue Tracking and workflow tools to be able to easily track responses to data capture requests and follow up overdue requests.

Envizi now offers a convenient way to generate, schedule and manage Data Capture Issues in bulk.

As a Sustainability Manager looking after a large number of locations where data is manually captured by many different users, you can automate the process of creating and scheduling Data Capture Issues. Through this feature you can request data to be captured for different account styles, in multiple locations, assigned to different users, all through a single form.

Data Capture Issues should only be used to request data for manually captured accounts.

It is not recommended to use Data Capture Issues for accounts with connectors as manually entering data for these accounts can result in data duplication and other data quality issues. If data for connector-based accounts is in arrears, a Data Anomaly Issue should be raised instead.


Bulk generation and scheduling of Data Capture Issues supports the following scenarios:

Ad-hoc Data Capture Issues

A Sustainability Manager has an ad-hoc requirement to gather up-to-date account data for different accounts/account styles, in different locations.

Scheduling Data Capture Issues

A Sustainability Manager has a periodic reporting requirement which requires account data to be captured before the reporting deadline, on an ongoing basis.

Responding to Data Capture Issues

A Property Manager receives multiple requests to capture account data and wants an easy way to track and respond to these requests.

Tracking Progress on and Closing Data Capture Issues

A Sustainability Manager wants to track progress on all outstanding data capture requests and close Issues in bulk once the requests have been completed.

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