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Issue Tracking

Issue Tracking is a key layer of functionality designed to allow you to track and manage issues identified through rules in the platform, manually by you, or via integration with 3rd party task management systems utilized by Envizi partner solution providers. It is a key functional component supporting the Equipment Fault Detection (EFD) and Building Energy Performance Analytics (BEPA) products, allowing you as a user those modules to manage and quantify the results of product-specific business rules. Issue tracking also provides an avenue for requesting manual data capture and identifying and tracking configuration and data quality problems at different levels within the organization hierarchy.   

What is an issue?

An issue in Envizi is a bundle of information linked to a specific entity in your hierarchy (a location, account, meter, or record). The issue form has fields to track details about the type of issue, its priority, status, etc., information about people & dates, fields to track quantitative information about savings, and more.

Issue field definitions

Issue Field Name


Issue Id

A unique identifier generated by Envizi. Eg. BEPA-10305

Updated On

The last date that the issue was updated.


A free text field to summarise the issue.


The type of entity the issue has been raised against. (Eg. Location, Meter, etc.)

Related To

The name of the entity the issue has been raised against. (Eg. Aberfoyle)

Unit of Measure

An optional field to identify the data element the issue relates to. (Eg. total kWh)


Dropdown to track the status of the issue (raised, investigating, resolved)


Dropdown to track the priority of the issue (low, standard, high, critical)

Savings Potential

Optional field to quantify the possible cost savings related to this issue.

Unit Variance

Optional field to record a variance in the unit of measure.


The contact in the platform responsible for investigating the issue.


Optional dropdown to allocate category for the issue.

Sub Category

Optional dropdown to allocate a subcategory for the issue.


A large free text field to describe the issue in detail.

Raised On

The date the issue was raised.


The person who raised the issue.

Issue Type

Dropdown indicating the type of issue. The selection in this field restricts the option available in the Category and Sub Category dropdowns.

External Identifier

Optional field to record an external issue identifier. Used to integrate to external issue tracking tools.

Time Spent (hrs)

Optional field to track the number of hours spent on the issue.

Realized Savings

Optional field to quantify the realized cost savings related to the issue.

Effective From

Optional field to apportion the savings to a specified period. Also used as the 'Capture Data From' date for Data Capture Issues

Effective To

Optional field to apportion the savings to a specified period. Also used as the 'Capture Data To' date for Data Capture Issues

Due Date

Optional field to specify the due date for submitting Data Capture Issues

Percent Complete

The percentage of days with data in the Data Capture Period (for Data Capture Issues only)

Alert Status

The current status of the alert linked to an issue (currently only used in Account Inactivity Alerts)

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