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What does ‘404 Resource not found’ mean?

If your API connection encounters an error ‘404 Resource not found’, it is most likely that the asset’s reporting entity hasn’t been authorized in GRESB portal to grant Envizi with API access to it. You would need to follow the steps here to grant Envizi the API access to your reporting entity in GRESB portal. It is an one-off exercise and would typically take a few minutes.

As a side note, this would have to be done by a user with ‘account manager’ access to the GRESB portal, and the steps have to be repeated and performed for every GRESB reporting entity. You can also find out more information about this from GRESB’s API documentation.

How to exclude accounts or meters from Whole Building Energy and Whole Building GHG reporting?

If accounts or meters for whatever reasons need to be excluded from reporting to GRESB, under relevant fuel types in the Energy Whole Building section and GHG Whole Building section, they can be tagged using the ‘GRESB - Whole Building’ tag with a 0% reporting percentage. Once tagged, the consumption amount from the tagged account or meter will be excluded from both Energy and GHG Whole Building reporting.

I have a new asset in Envizi that needs to be submitted to GRESB - but nothing happens after I clicked ‘Send to GRESB’

New asset creation in GRESB requires a collection of attributes of the asset for both current year and previous year, so it needs to be done via a dedicated ‘CREATE GRESB ASSET…’ button on the Asset Summary page for the very first time. The process will also preserve the GRESB Asset Id in Envizi (in location attribute) to pave the way for API data submissioins later on.

There are a few common issues associated with creation of new GRESB Asset, such as misisng previous year’s information, or Property Type was not provided etc. Please refer to this page on detailed steps required to create a new GRESB Asset via API.

Once a new asset creation is successful, you would then be able to use ‘Send to GRESB’ button on both Asset Summary and Group Review page to send further data updates to GRESB for the asset.

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