This page will tell you how to create a new asset in the GRESB portal from within Envizi. Follow the instructions below or watch this short video.


  1. Create a new location or navigate to an existing location.

  2. Open the GRESB Asset Summary page. If you try to submit data to GRESB you will encounter an error message in the Validation column (which may be hidden): GRESB Asset ID not set. Please double check or submit will create new record. This is expected and the error occurred because Envizi could not find the asset on the GRESB platform.

  3. To create the new asset, ensure that you have the following 7 fields displayed in grid:

    • Asset Name

    • Property Type

    • Country

    • Province / State

    • City

    • Asset Size

    • (NEW) % of Ownership

  4. Once you have all fields captured, click ‘Create GRESB Asset’ on the top right of the gird.

  5. Refresh the grid to see if the job completed successfully. If the job failed, check the validation column (which is hidden by default as the grid only shows 8 columns when loading for the first time).

Common Issues

  1. A common mistake is to forget the Property Type field, which can be updated on the Asset Characteristics form.

  2. It is a requirement from GRESB that a new Asset requires at least 2 years of data. When creating a new Assset via API, values in both ‘Current - Envizi’ and ‘Previous - Envizi’ columns will be sent to GRESB. The job will fail if any of the required 7 Current and Previous fields are being marked as ‘Disabled’.


Always make sure you are creating your asset in the correct group / fund on GRESB. The first row in the grid is will tell you which group the asset is currently reporting against.

For more information on Joint Ventures and how to report, see here.