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Universal Account Setup and Data Loading - PM&C FAQs


Q. You have multiple account styles that you only need to load primary quantity and total cost — can you load data for all account styles in the same data loading file?

A. Yes

Q. You have an account style that has primary consumption, multiple secondary fields and multiple cost fields. Should I use this data loading process?

A. No. For account styles that have more complexity including unit of measure conversions, rules or multiple fields (beyond primary quantity and total cost) it’s recommended to load the data via the process defined here which tailors the extract and loading process in more detail to a single account style at a time.

Q. What happens to a record when you overwrite it or try to update it?

A. When you “update” an existing record, you are always overwriting that entry in the platform with the data from your file. This results in the loss of any attachments or notes that are linked to the record that is being overwritten. If you are concerned about losing any supporting information such as attachments or notes, remove the relevant records from the template and update those records manually by using the user interface.

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