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Universal Account Setup and Data Loading Process - PM&C Multiple Account Styles capturing Primary Measure and Cost

The universal Account Setup and Data Loading - PM&C report is a multi-purpose report template that allows you to use a spreadsheet-based approach to create or modify account data in bulk. The template can be populated with data for one or more accounts across multiple account styles assuming they capture only primary consumption and optionally cost. As the data is loaded into the platform, if the accounts do not exist yet in the specified locations, they are created as part of the data load.

Running the report

Similar to other reports in the platform, you can make a range of selections when you run the report.

Aside from the standard group and location selection filters, three special filters control the output of the report.

Filter by # 1 - the 3 report modes

Export account style supported values

In this mode, the report provides a list of the fields in the template and guidance as to the acceptable values for each field.

If multiple supported values are present for a field, then those values are listed separated by a comma. For example, the Record Data Quality field shows the following supported values “Estimated, Actual”. The value for this field means that the field supports two options, Estimated and Actual.

Each row represents a unique Account Style with the Link and Caption provided for referencing in your data upload.

This data loading process caters for multiple account styles to be loaded in a single upload data file. The upload caters for fields primary quantity and cost only. It is important to review Column A in this extract as it highlights Account Styles not suitable for loading via this process. Account Styles are flagged if they contains rules loading into primary quantity field and/or secondary account style fields; for these specific account styles it’s recommended to use the more comprehensive report template 'Account Setup and Data Load' to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Export selected locations with existing records only

This mode includes only locations and accounts with existing records that match the report selection criteria. This mode is the best option if you are looking to update records in an existing account or add new records to an account that already has data.

Export selected locations with or without records

This mode includes any existing accounts with records that match the report selection criteria. It also generates a row for each location where no account currently exists. The benefit of this mode is that it provides all the necessary field values to create and load data into new accounts in any location that is covered by the selection criteria.

Filter by # 2 - choosing an Data Type Category

The Data Type Category enables you to select a sub-set of account styles that are enabled for your organization. Alternatively, if not filtered, your extract will show all enabled account styles.

Filter by # 3 - Date selection options

Start Period and End Period

Selecting the Start and End Period option includes all records that match the selection criteria where the record start and end dates are on or between the Start Period the End Period. If a record starts before the start period or ends after the end period, it is excluded from the report even if most of that record falls within the selected date range.

Updated On

Selecting the Updated On option includes all records that match the selection criteria that were updated between the selected Start and End Period.

You can read how to populate and upload the file with your data here.

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