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Platform Multi-Language Support

Envizi supports the platform content displaying for a user in an Envizi supported language of their choice. Your organization’s data and content is not translated and is only presented in the language in which is captured/uploaded.

If you are a system administrator, you can enable multi-language support for your organization by updating your User Interface Preferences.

If multi-language support is enabled for your organization, you can change your language preference in your Personal Settings.

Client Organization Content

Envizi supports your organization in capturing and setting up content in most languages. Your content includes your organization hierarchy, account styles, account content and records, issue content, survey setup and responses, and custom PowerReport content. Envizi will not translate client content from one language to another. Once client content is entered in a particular language, it will remain in that language.

Client content includes:

  • Configurable content

    • Groups, Locations, Accounts, Meters

    • Data Type Groups, Ratios, KPIs, Targets and Programs

    • Custom Tags, Custom Regions, Custom Factors

    • Account Styles

    • Custom Pick-Lists

    • Captions, descriptions, notes/comments

    • Home page banner

  • Account record data

  • Surveys (Value Chain Surveys & Assessments)

  • Saved and custom PowerReports

Envizi Platform Content

Most Envizi platform content is translated into one of our supported languages based on your user’s personal preference.

Languages currently supported are:

  • English (UK & US). Both options use US English spelling, the only difference being locale settings for date format for example.

  • Brazilian-Portuguese

  • French

  • German

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Spanish

The following are areas of the platform that are currently supported for displaying in the language of your choice:

  • Key areas of the Envizi user interface, including home pages, summary pages, popular dashboards, menus, buttons, browse grids, search & navigation, forms, dialog boxes, pop-ups, preview panels & key emails.

  • Data types and Country names

  • Key PowerReports:

    • Sustainability (Executive Report)

    • Sustainability (Portfolio Performance)

    • Account Data Health Check

    • Scope 3 Emissions Analysis

    • Utility Account Analytics

    • Scenario Modeler Tool

    • Monthly Dataset

    • Market-based Emissions v2 **

** allow 5-business days after your organization has enabled multi-language support for this PowerReport to be available in the supported languages

  • Report names and descriptions of popular Extract Reports

  • Universal account data connector - data files with file content in a supported language and column names in a supported language, provided there is a corresponding supported language account style. All other data files and setup files support column names in English only.

If a translation is not available in the platform, you will see English.

The Envizi login page and password reset page is in English only

Third Party Content

Envizi 3rd party content is only available in English, as it is centrally licenced by IBM in English only. 3rd party content includes but not limited to:

  • ESG Reporting Frameworks - question content

  • Licenced Building Ratings and Benchmarks content (e.g. GRESB)

  • Captions, descriptions, labels etc. relating to 3rd party content, including managed factor libraries, currencies, weather stations etc.

Product Documentation

Envizi sales and product documentation is provided in English only.

Home page message board notifications are part of product documentation and are provided in English only.

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