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Managed Emission Factors - US Climate Leaders

The US EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) publishes GHG Emissions roughly every one or two years. These factors cover fuel (stationary and transport), refrigerants, waste, business travel and distribution.

Envizi has factors loading from this factor set since 2013. There is no fixed date for the factor set publishing. In the past it has followed a rough time interval of every two years, usually published in the first quarter of a year. Since year 2020 the schedule has been adjusted to once a year.

Envizi in general loads the latest factors into the Envizi platform as soon as it is published by the US EPA. This factor set is a free resource openly available on US EPA’s website.


Upcoming publication date

Publishes annually in first or second quarter of a year. Upcoming publication date: April 2025

Geographical coverage

By default factors are applied to all regions, providing this factor set is chosen as one of your nominated factor sets.

Data type coverage

Stationary Combustion
Mobile Combustion CO2
Mobile Combustion CH4 and N2O for On-Road Gasoline Vehicles
Mobile Combustion CH4 and N2O for On-Road Diesel and Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Mobile Combustion CH4 and N2O for Non-Road Vehicles
Steam and Heat
Scope 3 Category 4: Upstream Transportation and Distribution and Category 9: Downstream Transportation and Distribution
Scope 3 Category 5: Waste Generated in Operations and Category 12: End-of-Life Treatment of Sold Products
Scope 3 Category 6: Business Travel and Category 7: Employee Commuting
Global Warming Potential (GWP)
Global Warming Potential (GWP) for Blended Refrigerants

Electricity is also published in this publication, but this is loaded via the US eGRID Managed Factors as a separate process.

Effective and Published dates

Effective dates and Publish dates always starts with first month of a calendar year and ends with the last month of a calendar year. e.g, effective from = Jan-2016 and effective to = Dec-2017.

For more information on effective and published dates see this article.

If you require a custom period for your factors this will need to be managed as custom factors.

Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Factors with effective date later than 2012 use GWP defined by 2007 IPCC AR4 (N2O GWP = 298, CH4 GWP = 25) for equivalent CO2 amount calculations.

Factors with effective date starting in 2024 use GWP defined by IPCC AR5 (N20 GWP = 265, CH4 GWP = 28) for equivalent CO2 amount calculations.

Indirect CO2e

Indirect factors are published for some fuel sources currently, and use the values provided by DEFRA. This is planned to be expanded in the future.

Managed publications and effective periods

All publications are available at the following link :

Factor Source Reference

Effective From

Effective To

Published From

Published To 

US Climate Leaders (Year 2014 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2014.xlsx





US Climate Leaders (Year 2015 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2015.xlsx





US Climate Leaders (Year 2018 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2018.xlsx





US Climate Leaders (Year 2020 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2020.xlsx





US Climate Leaders (Year 2021 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2021.xlsx





US Climate Leaders (Year 2023 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2023.xlsx





US Climate Leaders (Year 2024 Data).

Filename : ghg-emission-factors-hub-2024.xlsx



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