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Energy Star - Upload data to ESPM and Request an Energy Star Score

1. Upload data to ESPM and Request an Energy Star Score

You can upload location data to ESPM via API and request an Energy Star Score back to Envizi at the same time.

This can be done via one of the following navigation paths:

  • On Location summary page → Action → Request ENERGY STAR(R) Score

  • On Location grid → right click → Request ENERGY STAR(R) Score(s)

  • On Location Ratings grid → Request a new ENERGY STAR Score (button on the top right of the page)

  • On Location Ratings grid → select a Location Rating → right click → Re-request ENERGY STAR(R)  Score (this is for a re-upload for the same month, should the previous request finished with errors)

The request would normally take 5 ~ 10 minutes from start to finish. Please be aware that it involves sending 12 months of utility consumption and building data from Envizi to EPSM, and subsequently obtaining an Energy Star Score from EPSM and then stores it in Envizi. Please note if there are any existing property use details and utility consumption data in EPSM for the specified 12 months period, they will be overwritten by data from Envizi.

Request score from Location Summary page

From Actions on the top right hand side of the location summary page select Request ENERGY STAR(R) .

Request score from Locations grid

You can also request an ENERGY STAR(R)  Score from the locations grid rick-click action options.

On the pop up form, select an ending month for the data upload and rating request, and then click ‘SUBMIT’

Bulk Requests

You can also initiate the API process for multiple locations at the same time, by going to:

Locations grid or Group Locations grid → select multiple locations → right click → Request ENERGY STAR(R) Score(s)

Please note API requests will be carried out sequentially for each location, so please do anticipate that the entire process would take longer than usual time to complete, based on the number of locations selected.

2. Check API job status of the request

The API job involves a series of data exchange and web service API calls to EPSM, such as uploading building data, consumption data and requesting a score etc. 

Job History tab

You can see the status of each step in the ENERGY STAR(R) API Job History section on the right hand preview panel of Location Ratings page. Collaps and re-expand the preview panel section will refresh the latest status.

Energy Star report

Alternatively, you can also use Energy Star Ratings report to check API job statuses for all Locations, instead of going into each Location one by one. You can find this report in the Benchmark sub-menu at organization, group or location.

3. Additional help

Sometimes the API process may fail to proceed due to insufficient data being provided. The API Troubleshooting page has documented some of the most commonly found data issues. Alternatively, the Energy Star API Transation Logs could also be reviewed further to determine root causes of issues.

  • This module supports uploading of data from Envizi to ENERGY STAR(R)  Portfolio Manager (R) only, but not vice versa.

  • Property types that are not listed in on this page are not supported.

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