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Energy Star - Introduction

Envizi's Building Ratings + Benchmarks module includes functionality to support the ENERGY STAR(R) rating standard by allowing you to integrate your data in Envizi with ENERGY STAR(R) Portfolio Manager(R) (ESPM) via its web service API, to get real-time ENERGY STAR(R) Score result for your locations in Envizi.

This centralized approach aims to minimizes effort that otherwise would be requited to manage two systems, and provides a seamless data synchronization process between the two platforms, with Envizi being considered as the ‘source of truth’.

The Envizi Energy Star module provides the following functionalities:

  • API integration directly with the ENERGY STAR(R) Portfolio Manager to upload data from Envizi to ESPM, and to obtain real-time ENERGY STAR scores for your locations in Envizi

  • Track current and historical ENERGY STAR(R) performance trends across your portfolio in Envizi

  • Synchronize Envizi (as the ‘source of truth’) and ENERGY STAR(R) Portfolio Manager to reduce data stewardship overhead

  • Support of majority of property types that are eligible to receive ENERGY STAR(R) scores

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