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Energy Star - API Transaction Logs

You can review all Energy Star API transaction logs on this page for a given Location, to assist with any possible data connectivity and data transfer issues between Envizi and ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.

On this page you will be able to review*:

  • Originial API message call and associated parameter values that was sent to ESPM

  • Received API message responses from ESPM, which contains success or failure flags, and reasons for API call failures if there are any

  • Timestamps of when API calls were made and responses were received



API Function

Function of the API call - it could be to upload account data, request an ENERGY STAR score rating, retrieve meter information from ESPM, and etc.

Entity Type

Supports the following entity types:

  • Location

  • Account

  • Record (for property use details only)

  • Location Rating

  • External - Energy Star

Entity Name

Item name associated with the Entity Type the API acted on

  • Location: Location Name

  • Account: Account Number

  • Record: Envizi record id followed by ESPM property use detail attribute name. e.g., 12345678:percentOfficeHeated

  • Location Rating: A constructed identifier based on Energy Star rating start period and end period, e.g., EnergyStar - Apr 01, 2022 to Mar 31, 2023

  • External - Energy Star: Property id or meter id from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®

API Call Start

Time of when the API call was initiated

API Call End

Time of when the API call was completed


RESTful WebService outbound API call message sent from Envizi to ESPM

Message Request

Additional parameter values associated with the outbound API message, if any

Message Response

Inbound API message response received from ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®. If there is any error reported by ESPM, usually it can be found here. A message with a Status = ‘Ok’ usually indicates the request was successful.

Download logs in CSV

Sometimes ‘Message Request’ and ‘Message Response’ columns may have large contents that significantly exceed the column width in the grid. They can only be seen in mouse tool tips when you hover mouse over the grid cell. A quick way to review all log contents is to download the grid into a CSV file and then review the contents in a spreadsheeting tool.

*Reviewing of Energy Star API transaction logs is considered as an advanced function therefore this page is available to users with ‘System Administrators’ role only.

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