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Disable fields for GRESB reporting

It’s possible that you have an existing process that doesn’t involve Envizi for sending data to GRESB. While Envizi is able to capture and send data for all required fields in GRESB, you can turn off certain fields so that validation and data completeness calculations at the group level disregard these fields.


  1. On GRESB Asset Summary (with API) page (accessible from Location → GRESB menu), select the fields you wish to disable.

  2. Right-click and select one of the disable options.

  3. Disabled fields can be seen by reviewing the ‘Disabled’ column.

  4. To enable a field, select the rows, right-click and select ‘enable’.

When disabling a field, the contents of that field will be hidden for the period selected. This happens because when data is being organized to send to GRESB we are using the contents of the grid to create the data set, so the actual data must be hidden when building the data set.

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