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Retention Policy for Source Files used to Upload Data

Envizi retains your organization’s data in the platform for the period of your contract for IBM Envizi ESG Suite.  However, your raw/source data files are not available in the platform at all times.  

Organization data

Once raw/source files are processed and your data is loaded into the Envizi platform, you will have access to the history of this data in the platform until your contract terminates.   

Source data files

1. Raw Data files transmitted via FTP/SFTP, manual UI Upload or email service

  • You can self-serve from the Envizi platform to retrieve your data files uploaded in the last  6 months (for interval meter data) or 18 months (other account/setup data).

  • To retrieve specific raw/source files uploaded to Envizi more than 6 months ago (for interval meter data) and more than 18 months ago (for all other data), you can raise a support ticket through IBM Support to request that Envizi’s database system administrator retrieves those file for you.

2. API or any other data loaded/received from third party systems 

These data sources are considered external sources. The Envizi platform is only responsible for processing the content of the files and storing the data in the Envizi platform. It is the API or third party data provider’s responsibility to retain the raw data and provide the raw data to you on your request.

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