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Scope 3 Emissions Analysis - Uncategorized Emissions Dashboard

This page will identify where there are any accounts that belong to account styles that have not yet been categorized for Scope 3 Emissions.

Contacting Us for Categorizing Account Styles: The left-hand panel offers comprehensive information on the necessary steps to reach out to our team and initiate the categorization process for your account styles. We are here to assist you in this process and ensure accurate reporting.

Uncategorized Account Styles Confirmation: The middle panel serves as a reference to confirm which account styles have not yet been categorized. It's important to note that until these are categorized, they will not be included in the detailed pages of this report. We recommend completing this step to ensure a complete and comprehensive analysis.

Contributor-based Information on Uncategorized Account Styles: The right-hand panel presents the same information as the middle panel but through the lens of your contributors. This perspective allows you to understand the impact of uncategorized account styles specifically from the viewpoint of your contributors. It provides valuable insights into how these uncategorized styles affect the overall analysis and reporting.

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