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Scope 3 Emissions Analysis - Calculation Accuracy

The Calculation Accuracy Analysis reviews the accuracy of your data collection methods for your accounts.

Calculation Accuracy is a valuable metric that assesses the reliability and precision of data collection methods associated with each account style. It employs a rating system ranging from 1 to 5, where a score of 1 represents the highest level of accuracy (Excellent), and a score of 5 indicates the lowest level of accuracy (Poor). These scores are then weighted based on the emissions generated by the corresponding accounts, ensuring that larger contributors have a greater impact on the overall calculation accuracy.

Scope 3 Category Calculation Accuracy: The left panel on this page provides insights into the calculation accuracy for each scope 3 category. If a specific category has been selected for an account style, the accuracy rating for that category will be displayed. This allows you to evaluate the accuracy of data collection methods within specific scope 3 categories or identify account styles that have yet to be categorized. This specifically pertains to the reporting period selected on the cover page.

Historical Data View: The top right panel offers a historical perspective by presenting your data over extended periods of time. This allows you to observe changes and trends in your emissions data, aiding in identifying patterns and assessing the effectiveness of emission reduction efforts or improvements made over time.

Overall Calculation Accuracy: In the bottom right panel, you will find an overview of the overall calculation accuracy ratings across all your accounts. It is represented as a percentage of the total, providing a comprehensive summary of the accuracy levels achieved throughout your accounts. This information helps you evaluate the overall data reliability and identify areas that may require additional attention or improvement. This specifically pertains to the reporting period selected on the cover page.

By leveraging these panels, you can effectively monitor and analyze the calculation accuracy of your data, understand historical trends, and make informed decisions to enhance the accuracy and reliability of your emissions reporting.

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