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MB emissions - Settings

This page will outline the settings available for the Market-based Emissions report.

Note that the changes on the settings page can only be observed the following day after an overnight dataset refresh.


By default the Market-based Emissions power report runs on a 12-month period, will populate with 1 year of data from the most recently completed calendar year and it will include certificates automatically calculated related to renewable electricity compliance and jurisdiction programs.

Note on multiple reporting periods

Multiple reporting periods are not possible. The reason for this is that due to the method of apportionment. Changing the reporting period will also change the reported certificates values against each month of data, so it’s recommended that organizations

  1. select a single 12-month reporting period and maintain that for all reporting

  2. capture unbundled certificates with record start and end dates fully within the 12-month reporting period

To change these settings go to Admin | Configuration | Organization Settings | Market-based Emissions.


Months / years of data: This setting controls the number of months or years of data that will be imported into the MB Emissions dataset and allows data from 1 month up to 5 years.

It may be useful to select a period less than 1 year for the current reporting year if you are looking to track progress and view how certificates are allocated against year-to-date consumption.

Last month of reporting period: Defines the month end of the annual market-based emissions reporting period. This setting controls the 12-months voluntary certificate allocation period.

Year of the last month of reporting period: This is only required for historical reporting purposes and should be left blank to report on the most recently completed 12-month reporting period. This setting is also required when tracking progress in the current year for periods less than 1 year.

Compliance & Jurisdiction Certificates: This setting enables the calculation of compliance and jurisdiction certificates. Selecting 'No' will not calculate or allocate certificates generated under renewable electricity compliance and jurisdiction programs, and in some regions like Australia, this will omit calculated residual mix factors from the market-based emissions report.

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