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MB Emissions - Emission Factors

There are 3 tabs at the top of the Emissions Inventory page with a list of all emission factors used in this report.

Each tab contains the same 5 columns:

  • Factor Set: This defines the factor set of the factor.

  • Factor Region: Specifies the region where the factors will apply.

  • Emission Factor: This is the greenhouse gases produced per kWh of consumption measured in CO2e.

  • Factor Source: This is the source of the emission factor.

  • Factor ID: This is the unique identifier associated with the emission factor. This is useful when looking for more details when looking at the Monthly Data screen at an account level, or when running the ‘Emission and Energy Factors’ report.

Custom factors: (Formerly ‘Supplier and Contract Factors’) This set of factors refers to any custom factors provided to the organization though a PPA, contract or direct form the supplier that conveys the specific energy mix. These factors are managed by the organization using Custom Factor Management. Remember to select the "Market-based" factor set when capturing a new factor. 

Residual Mix Factors: This set of factors contains a collection of emission factors that do not include green energy attributes (certificates) and represents the emissions resulting from generation of fossil fuel sources.

Location-based Factors: This set of factors represents the average emission factor from all types of electricity generation within a region, including renewables.

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