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Managing Logins when using SSO with SAML 2.0

Envizi supports single sign-on (SSO) using SAML 2.0.

If your organization is entitled to the Envizi’s SSO add-on, your implementation consultant will set up the SSO for you in Envizi. Your IT department needs to be involved in the activity as SP metadata will be provided to them for input into your organization’s identity provider and they will then need to provide IDP metadata to be uploaded into Envizi in order to complete the setup.

When the SSO setup process is complete and is enabled for you, all users by default will have the Logon Method set to “SSO”. You can change this setting for a specific user who needs to login as a “non SSO” user (i.e they need to enter a username and password to login) buy selecting “Set as Non-SSO” from the Actions (right-click) in the Contact Login grids.

You can see the Logon Method assigned to each user in the Contacts & Logins grid. The value will be either be “SSO” or “Non SSO”.

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