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Issue Preview Cards

Issues have a set of preview cards related to them which provide further info about the issue. When you are on a grid of issues or on the issue details page the right-hand preview panel can provide you with additional detail about the issue at a quick glance.

Issue Description: This preview card shows the full text of the description field.

Activity History: This preview card shows the activity history of the issue. It includes status changes, adding attachments, etc. 

Related Items: Related Items shows the log of alerts that are associated with a given issue. Each Related Item is an instance when an alert has been triggered. Currently, this is only relevant to the BEPA and EFD module. 

Issue Trend: For issues automatically raised as a result of meter alerts this card provides a summary of the time of day and trigger values of all the Related Items in a scatter plot view. Currently, this is only relevant to the BEPA module. 

Comments: Displays Comments captured against the issue, listed in most recent to oldest.

Attachments: Shows any Attachments added to the issue.

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