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GRESB Section - Building Certifications (BC)

This page outlines how Envizi prioritizes and collects data in preparation to send to GRESB for Building Certifications. There is alignment with the Asset Level Spreadsheet so when reviewing this page it might be useful to have a copy open.

Building certifications can be captured in 1 of 2 ways. The most straightforward method is using Location Settings as they are not time sensitive and can be easily captured in bulk through Grid Capture. Location Settings is the default method of capturing building certifications, but if you would prefer to use Location Ratings then please reach out to the Envizi Help Desk as this settings change must be done by Envizi.

  1. Location Settings

  2. Location Ratings

In Location Settings, the certification is selected and the floor area can also be recorded. If a floor area is not recorded then Envizi will assume full coverage and use the total asset size.

Note that certifications from previous year (e.g., 2019) are showing, but these values are not sent to GRESB for previous year (e.g., 2019) reporting. These are only shown for information purposes to help with filling out values for current year (e.g., 2020). GRESB doesn’t required previous year reporting for building certifications.

Note that Building Certifications does not require annual data and location settings are persisted from year to year.

Location Settings


Location Ratings (LR)

In Location Ratings the certification is taken from the Rating Body field and the Rating (where applicable). If a floor area is not supplied then Envizi will assume full coverage and use the total asset size.

Also, to keep alignment with the Asset Level Spreadsheet, Envizi support up to 5 certifications and 1 energy rating and when retrieving certifications to send to GRESB we will pick the 5 most recently updated.

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