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Custom Regions

When configuring custom factors in Envizi you may wish to create 2 or more factors that share the same data type, time period and region. This is quite common when capturing supplier or contract electricity emission factors for use in market-based reporting. To address this issue we need to create custom regions and assign these regions to both the location and the emission factor.

Create a new custom region

In the Admin menu, click on 'Custom Regions' under 'Configuration'.

There are 7 fields:




Defaults to the primary country as defined by your organization.


Mandatory. Populates a list of states based on the country field.


Mandatory. If you manage more than 1 organization in Envizi, ensure that you do not use the same name across multiple organizations.


Optional. Note that entering values will trigger a dropdown to appear.

Select the entered value from the dropdown as this is required to autopopulate the weather station list.


Optional. Same as latitude.

Weather Station


Time Zone


Note for US regions

Note that for US states you must select an eGrid region in the state field instead of a Geographical state for electricity emissions to calculate correctly using eGrid factors.

Also note that Envizi has loaded zip codes and custom regions should only be required if you have 2 locations that exist in the same zip code and require different emission factors for the same data type and period.

Steps to use a custom region

  1. Create custom region as per instructions above.

  2. Edit locations - go to Manage | Locations | right-click and select Edit Location

  3. Enter the new custom region and save.

  4. Create or edit the custom factor - go to Admin | Configuration | Custom Factors and right-click to edit or click 'Create new...'

  5. Enter the new custom region and save.

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