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Value Chain Surveys and Assessments Overview

The Value Chain Surveys and Assessments module enables you to distribute surveys to internal enterprise users and to third party entities outside of your organization, across your value chain. The third parties are typically suppliers across your supply chain or portfolio companies in the case of financial institutions.

The Value Chain solution can be used for any type of organization wanting to capture quantitative (for example: emissions, renewable energy, waste recycling and water) and qualitative (for example: labor practices, workplace diversity, codes of conduct and wellbeing initiatives) performance metrics across your value chain, from both internal stakeholders and from third parties.

Your organization may need to collect data in order to prepare responses to ESG reporting frameworks (for example, SFDR, TCFD, SASB, GRI, CDP), for data to be included in your organization’s scope 3 reporting, or for sustainability and risk assessments of your organization’s investment portfolio or suppliers.

There are 6 key elements to this module:

  • Survey tool

  • Accounts (optional)

  • Survey Responses

  • Issues

  • Value Chain portal

  • PowerReport

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