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Survey Tool

We work with your organization to co-design a custom survey that meets your needs and is configurable within our survey tool. Your organization's desired reporting output/s should be taken into account when designing the questions.

The survey can include scoring if that is a requirement for your organization’s reporting.

The survey will have a start date and end date for which the survey responses will be relevant for.

We recommend that your survey is broken up into sections with ideally no more than 10-12 questions per section and that ideally a survey has no more than 5-6 sections.

Each section can have introduction/instruction text.

A question can be text, numeric, pick list, multi choice selection, date or attachment.

Each question can have help text shown under the question and/or hover-over help text.

Questions can be visible based on the answer to a dependent question.

Questions within a section can be grouped under a heading/topic to support the understanding of related questions. The heading/topic can have instruction/help text below it.

Questions can include validation on the answers using operators such less than, greater than, equal to with the comparison value being a fixed number or dependent on the answer to a previous question. Validation can also include conditions. The error message to appear when a validation fails is customised per question. If questions have validations and the answer/s fail the validation, your answers to any questions in the survey section will not be saved until the invalid answers are corrected.

Accounts (optional)

Survey questions can be linked to Accounts so that filling in quantitative answers will create Account Records and can therefore be reported via dashboards and reports at all reporting levels of your organization hierarchy. If the Account Styles of the Accounts being updated have rules configured, those rules will be executed when answers are saved.

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