For some ESG reporting requirements, reporting is done at the Financial Product or Business Subsidiary level, as opposed to having a single report for a whole organisation. For example, reporting requirements within the EU’s SFDR requires that PAI statements are completed for individual financial products.

How it Works

When you create a disclosure, you can limit access to a particular group within your organization.

Which Disclosures are visible depends on the user:

  • An organization level user can configure a group-level disclosure for any group within the organization, and can access any disclosure within the organization.

  • A group level user can configure group-level disclosures for groups they manage or have access to. They can access their group’s disclosures as well as organization-level disclosures.

  • Location level users can access group-level disclosures for groups they are in, and access both these disclosures and organization-level disclosures.

On the SRM home page there is information about which group a Disclosure belongs to: