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Additional SRM enhancements released

A number of new features have been released to bring more capabilities to the Sustainability Reporting Manager (SRM).

Contributor as an additional role

The Contributor role has been added for all disclosures. This is a many-to-one role to facilitate collaboration when multiple data owners are involved. Disclosure Owners and Assignees can now add users who may be able to help formulate the response to a particular question. However, only the Assignee can move the response forward for review.

Editing responses restricted to Assignees and Contributors

To strengthen the report preparation process and the responsibility of all disclosure participants on their inputs, responses can only be edited by Assignees and Contributors. Reviewers, Approvers and Disclosure Owners can still collaborate through the comment section, or they can be added as Contributors as well.

Microsoft Excel as export format option

Disclosures can now be exported into Excel format. This is a machine-readable extract that can facilitate any downstream data ingest needed by users.

Accessing SRM

In addition to the quicklink on the home page, you can now access SRM from the main menu in the Report menu.

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