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Setting up Data Type Captions (Renaming a Data Type)

A Data type Caption allows you to rename any data type in Envizi with your own preferred Data Type Name. Once a data type caption is configured it will be used throughout the platform in place of the Envizi original data type name.

If you are a system administrator of Envizi, you can set up Data Type Captions from the main Admin menu. Under the Configuration section select Data Type Captions.

Once you are in the Data Type Captions grid, click on Create New.

You will now see a form to create a Data Type Caption.

Pick the data type you wish to rename from the Instance picklist, and then type in the new data type name you wish to use throughout the platform in the Alternate Caption field.

Once configured the Data Type Caption will be used in place of the standard name throughout the platform. Please note it may take 24hrs for the change to appear in PowerReport and on group and organization dashboards.

You cannot use a data type caption that is the same as another data type caption, or the same as another data type name that your are already using (this will result in an error).

This functionality is not designed to allow different data types to have the same name (using an identical name for two or more data types may cause problems in reporting data accurately from Envizi).

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