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Rate Analysis Dashboards

Rate dashboards are used to track the performance of your organization, your group or your locations, based on predefined ratio or intensity.

You can find the Rate Analysis dashboard in the main Monitor menu under the Benchmark section. 

You can also find the Rate Analysis dashboard under the Benchmark menu from the Whole of Organization page.


This dashboard consists of several parts and is used to analyze and benchmark the performance of your organization using previously configured Ratios or Rates. The main dashboard part is the Activity by Period which shows the selected period compared to the comparison value chosen from the Compare With dropdown. If you have Intensity targets the compare to target option will also appear in the Compare with dropdown.

You can also choose from your preset ratios and rates.

You can track your Activity by Period, contrasting your chosen rate or ratio with previous time periods.

In the Numerator by Period section you can see the performance of the Data Type Group configured as the numerator of the Ratio for the selected period as a bar chart.

In the Denominator by Period section, you can see the performance of the Data Type Group configured as the denominator of the Ratio for the selected period as a bar chart.

In the Locations Ranked by Rate section, you can see, for the organization and group versions of this dashboard, horizontal bar chart showing the top locations ranked by rate.

The pink line on the chart represents the total rate for the organization or the group defined as total of the numerator date type group over total of the denominator data type group. The maximum number of locations displayed, as well as whether they are in descending or ascending order, can be changed using the setting icon.

Clicking that icon will bring up the setting dialogue.

Dashboard part - Locations Rate Details. For the organization and group versions of this dashboard this part shows you the individual intensity for each site that has data for the selected ratio/rate.

Clicking on the Location name will link you through to the Rate Analysis dashboard for that location.

Dashboard filtering, as well as actions such as email functionality, are supported for this dashboard under Actions.

The filter on the top right of the dashboard is available on the group and organization versions of the dashboard and supports location, region and group filtering. Please note that these filters will only affect the last two dashboard parts – Locations Ranked by Rate and Locations Rate Details.

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