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Organization Hierarchy

The Organization Hierarchy is a way for you to navigate through to groups, locations, accounts and meters using your organizational structure.

You can access the Organization Hierarchy by clicking on the top left blue icon available on most pages.

Based on user access configuration, the Classification groups and Portfolio Groups may appear as branches under the Organization name for some users.

  • Click on

     to open that branch of the hierarchy.

  • Click on

     to close that branch of the hierarchy.

When you click on a hyperlink you will be taken to the Summary page for that entity.

If you are already in a sub page for an entity and you click on another item within the same type of entity then you will be taken to that sub page for the new item you clicked.

Example: You are viewing a location's Performance dashboard and you click on another location in the Organization Hierarchy, the Performance dashboard will load for the new location.

However if you then click on a different type of entity (e.g. an Account) then the Summary page will load for that new type of entity.

This method of navigation is best used if your organization's groups generally have less than 100 locations.

If your groups have more than 100 locations it is better practice to navigate to a group and then go to a grid of locations (More > Location) or to use search to go directly to the location, account or meter you are interested in.

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