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Monthly Data Summary Report

The 'Monthly Data Summary' report shows aggregated monthly data regardless of invoice periods (monthly, quarterly or yearly) allowing users to extract data and easily identify trends over time across their data types. You can use this data to graph trends in consumption, energy, emissions, cost as well as understand data completeness using values in the actual/estimated/accrued fields.

How to run

  • Global Search → Reports → Monthly Data Summary

  • Reports menu → Reports Category → Activity Tracking → Monthly Data Summary

  • Reports menu → All Reports → Search for Monthly Data Summary

This report can be used for…

  • Data reconciliation - Reviewing numbers and confirm data availability.

  • Data health check - Reviewing accrued values (cost or consumption) and discrepancies.

  • API integration can be used to use this report in Power BI dashboards. 

  • Emissions auditing - this report is useful for conducting spot checks or audits on your data. To verify emissions calculation you can review the emission factors that were used, and you can view greater detail on emission factors by running the ‘Energy and Emission Factor’ report and cross-referencing by ‘Factor Link’.

Report Selection

To find the report you can search the name in the Global Search bar.

Similar to other reports in the platform, you can make a range of selections prior to running the report. Below you can see a non-exhaustive list of the selections available.



Select Output Type

Display on screen, Create report and E-mail it now, Schedule report and E-mail.


Choose to run for one or all Groups.


Choose to run for one or all Locations.

Data Type

Select a Data Type to run Report on. e.g. Electricity [kWh]. Only Accounts belong to the selected Data Type will be included in the report.

Report Currency In

Select currency. Default is Reporting Currency set against the Organization. Currency exchange rates stored in Envizi are used to convert any local currency to the reporting currency.

Filter By # 1

Exclude Lifecycle Emissions: Exclude scope 3 part of Scope 1 (eg. Natural Gas) and Scope 2 (eg. Electricity) Data types.

Include Lifecycle Emissions (where available): Includes Scope 3 emissions for scope 1 and scope 2 data types. example: For Electricity, user will see both scope 2 and scope 2 CO2 emissions in the report. 

Filter By #2 - Tags or consolidation

Select appropriate tags if you want report to filter based on your custom tags. By default it use the Consolidation reporting tags.

For a duration of

Default to 1 Year. Can select 1 month, etc.

Ending With

Choose a calendar month.

Report Output

Once report is displayed on screen, select Download as CSV from top left toolbar in report. Below are the explanations of some of the key columns in the report:




Start date of Report


End date of Report


Organization Name in Envizi

Level 1 Group

Grouping at level 1. By Default Report displays Classification group. If report is selected for a particular group, Groups are displayed accordingly.

Level 2 Group

Level 2 Group name

Level 3 Group

Level 3 Group name


Location Country


Region of Location


Location/Site name

Location Reference

Location Reference


Data Type Category

Data Type

Data Type name. For example: Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, etc.

Item Type


Account Style/Component

Account- Account Style

Meter - Meter Component

Sub type

Sub type if configured for an account style or account to cater for different emission factors.

Item Number

Account Number

Account Ref/Meter Name

Linked Meter Name


Supplier Name

Reader / Notes

Reader field for Account / Notes for Meter


Account/Meter Open Date


Account/Meter Closed / Replaced on Date


Calendar month of the data


Unit of measure

Actual Data

Actual Data

Estimated Data

Estimated data

Accrued Data

Accrued Data

Total Data

Total of Actual + Estimated + Accrued

Actual Days

No. of Days of Actual data entered in the month

Estimated Days

No. of Days of Estimated data entered in the month

Accrued Days

No. of Days of Accrued data (if Accruals are on for the account style, and there is no actual or estimated data for a period) in the month.

Total Days

Total Days for Actual + Estimated + Accrued Days

Actual Percent

% of actual Data 

Estimated Percent

% of Estimated data

Accrued Percent

% of Accrued Data

Use Type

Tag type name (by Default: Consolidation)


Tag name

Use Percent

Reporting % of Tag

Group Membership Percent

Grouping membership %

Total Reporting Amount

Total Reporting Amount after applying Group Membership % and Use % on 'Total Data'.

This amount is used in Different dashboards and should be picked when doing reporting. 

Energy Consumed (GJ)

Energy consumed in GJ

Energy Produced (GJ)

Energy produced in GJ

Total GJ

Total Energy in GJ

Scope 1 CO2e(t)

Scope 1 Emissions of CO2

Scope 2 CO2e(t)

Scope 2 Emissions of CO2

Scope 3 CO2e(t)

Scope 3 Emissions of CO2

Other CO2e(t)

Other emissions

Total CO2e(t)

Total of Scope1+ 2 + 3 + Other Emissions

Actual Cost

Cost of Actual Data

Estimated Cost

Cost of Estimated Data

Accrued Cost

Cost of Accrued Data

Total Cost

Total Cost

Total Reporting Cost

Total reporting Cost after applying Group Membership % and Use % on 'Total Cost'.


Currency unit


Unique field made of Account/Meter Internal ID + Data Type which can be used for grouping of data.


Account/Meter internal ID or unique identifier which can be used in linking tables in BI reporting.

Factor Name

Name of the Emission Factor used to calculate Scope 1, 2, 3 or Other emissions.

Factor Value (kgCO2e/unit)

Emission factor value in the unit of measure as defined in the ‘Units’ column.

Factor Source

Source of the emission factor. Most emission factors listed in this report will come from one of Envizi’s managed factor sets.

Factor Link

This is an ID field that provides a unique link to the emission factor. Run the ‘Emission and Energy Factor’ report to cross reference emissions data with factor details using the ‘Factor Link’ ID.

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